Rocky Mountain National Park Joins the National Park System

Today in History, January 26: 1915 –

President Woodrow Wilson signs a bill creating the Rocky Mountain National Park on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado.

Inspired by former President Theodore Roosevelt’s creation of National Parks, Colorado naturalists campaigned for the park and succeeded.

During the 1930’s, TR’s cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression, which, among many other things, built a great deal of the infrastructure in RMNP. If you’ve never been, you should add it to your bucket list…it is magnificent.

Aerial Bombing Begins in Britain

Today in History, January 19, 1915:

Germany begins aerial bombing of Britain using dirigibles, mostly Zeppelins during WWI.

The attacks would cause many deaths, but would be mostly ineffective and inaccurate.

The Zeppelins would eventually be replaced with aircraft. The bombings would lead to an early warning system and tactics by the Royal Air Force which would carry into the Battle of Britain during WWII.

Many civilians would die in the Zeppelin raids, leading to them being labeled “baby killers”, raising anger rather than the intended demoralization.