John D. Lynde Improved Your Life…


Today in History, April 8, 1862:

John D. Lynde of Philadelphia receives a patent for an “improved” aerosol spray bottle.  The concept was not new, but Lynde perfected the use of gasses to propel spray mists from a bottle.

Today we use aerosol devices for personal care products, kitchen sprays and many other applications in farming and industry.  Perhaps most importantly for medical purposes such as inhalers and atomisers.

The WPA is All Around Us

Today in History, April 8: 1935 – Congress approved the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act, which would fund the Works Progress Administration. The WPA employed 8.5 million people in 1.4 million projects until it was disbanded in 1943. It only employed a quarter of the nation’s unemployed during the Great Depression and is still a matter of contention today. Was it socialism? Or a temporary fix for horrendous economic disaster? Whatever your opinion, it resulted in marked improvements to the nation’s infrastructure.