Air conditioning!

Today in History, November 4: 1939 – The first car with built in air conditioning is introduced at the 40th annual Automobile Show. While some after market companies had offered A/C for limousines earlier in the thirties, Packard was the first to offer the option of a “Weather Conditioner” to the average motorist. The unit took up nearly half of the car’s trunk space.


Today in History, October 4: 1861 – Frederic Remington is born in New York. As an adult Remington toured the west, which he was fascinated with. He was a prolific artist, creating thousands of sketches, paintings and sculptures for public consumption. His work was not necessarily considered collectible during his all too short lifetime, but it certainly is now. The Gilcrease Museum here in Tulsa has one of the largest collections of his work. Remington died of a ruptured appendix suddenly in 1909. His artistic talent coupled with his passion for the West brought it home for the American people.