Colt Walker

Today in History, January 4: 1847 –

Samuel Colt sells 1,000 revolvers to the Texas Rangers. Capt. Samuel Walker of the Rangers had used one of Colt’s revolvers in the Seminole wars and was so impressed that he traveled to New York City to find Colt. He ordered the revolvers, insisting that the order include 6 shots rather than 5, and have enough caliber to kill man or horse. The finished product was named the “Colt Walker”, and was followed by another thousand, which allowed Colt to build his own factory.

Colt was not the first to make a “revolving gun”, but he did perfect interchangeable parts and an assembly line to make his reliable pistols.

Iconic. Legendary. Colt Model 1911

Today in History, March 29: 1911 – The Colt Model M1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol is adopted as the official sidearm of the US Army. The Navy and Marine Corps would follow suit in 1913. The legend had begun. The pistol would demonstrate it’s remarkable reliability in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, and all of the smaller conflicts between. The M1911 and it’s variants didn’t go out of general service until 1985, and is still used by many units.