Churchill Becomes Prime Minister

Today in History, May 10, 1940:

Sir Winston Churchill is made Prime Minister of England, a post he had long desired, but not necessarily under these circumstances. Churchill had been a member of the British government since the turn of the century, as his father had before him.

Due to politics, he had been abandoned to the political “wilderness” in the early 30’s…still a member of the House of Commons, but not of HMG…Her Majesty’s Government.

Throughout the 30’s he repeatedly called for beefing up the military to prepare for German aggression…and was repeatedly denied…cast as a crank looking for attention. It wasn’t until the Germans actually took France that his countrymen realized that Neville Chamberlain was the crank and that “Winston” knew what he was talking about.

On this date they cast their lot with him…and he did not disappoint.

An Old Lion Retires…Sort Of

Today in History, April 5: 1955 – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill resigns his post. One would think he was ending his service to his country after having served for 60 years, since 1895, courageously on the battlefield, in Parliament, as First Lord of the Admiralty, helping lead Britain into preparation for WWI; he was one of the few sounding the warning of Hitler’s aggression leading to WWII, then led his country and to a large part the world through that conflict to victory. After his retirement, he returned to parliament until 1964.