I Have a Dream

Today in History, January 15:  1929 – Martin Luther King, Jr is born in Atlanta, Georgia.  MLK was a Baptist minister who championed Civil Rights in the most desperate of times.  He was arrested multiple times for his peaceful protests, was the subject of investigation by the FBI, and eventually welcomed to the White House for discussions related to equality. 

MLK would be assassinated in 1968, in addition to Civil Rights leaders JFK and RFK.  In 1983 President Ronald Reagan would sign a bill proclaiming Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  In 1992, President George HW Bush would proclaim the third Monday of each January as MLK Day. 

Standing at the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr spoke saying his dream was that he hoped white and black children would one day hold hands.  We’ve come far beyond those hopes.  My hope is that some day people of all races will take yes for an answer.

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