An Impactful Day

Today in History, October 26: 

 Such a huge day! I couldn’t pick. So…

1774 – The First Continental Congress adjourns. They hadn’t yet declared Independence, but…

1775 – King George III of Great Britain goes before Parliament to declare that the American colonies are in rebellion and to order a military response. 

 1825 – The Erie Canal, man-made water passage from Albany, New York to Lake Erie, opens. 

 1861 – The Pony Express ends it’s 18 month run. 

 1881 – The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ. 

 1940 – The P-51 famous Mustang makes it’s maiden flight. 

 1942 – During the Guadalcanal Campaign, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands takes place…The USS Hornet is sunk and the USS Enterprise, now the only American carrier in the Pacific to hold the line against the Japanese, is badly damaged. 

 1944 – The Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest sea battle in history encompassing several days, comes to an end with Japanese defeat. 

1958 – A Pan American Airways Boeing 707 makes the aircraft’s first commercial flight between New York and Paris.

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