First Jet on Jet Combat

Today in History, November 8: 1950- 

The first Jet vs Jet fighter dogfight takes place in the skies over Korea known as “Mig Alley”. USAF Lt. Russell Brown tangled with two Mig 15 fighters and shot one down in his P-80 Shooting Star. The P-80 was soon replaced with the F-86 Sabre, a far superior aircraft more comparable to the Migs. 

In April 1951 a Marine pilot flying a WWII era piston engine F4U Corsair fighter aircraft being used for ground attack during the Korean War, also shot down a Mig 15 jet. 

Sixty-Seven years after the first jet to jet combat over the Korean Peninsula, the Korean War, in effect, continues.  There was a “cease-fire” in July of 1953. The same maniacal family still rules North Korea…for them, the war continues. 

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