“Lick ‘em Tomorrow, Though”

The Confederates had caught the Union soldiers mostly unaware and the first battle at Shiloh Meeting House had been a rout. The losses on both sides had been horrendous.

Union General Grant had been calm through it all. Despite the allegations he’d been drunk…again…he looked at the big picture and planned for the second day.

That night, amidst the cries of the wounded, General Sherman found Grant alone.

Sherman: “Well. We’ve had the devil’s own day of it, haven’t we?”

Grant, calmly and matter of factly, “Yes. Lick ‘em tomorrow though.”

That was all. No ostentatious oratory. He had it planned out in his head and now that he was back on his element, his confidence was back.

An example of how to live our lives when you’ve had a devil’s day of it.

Yep. Lick ‘em tomorrow though.”

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