The Six Flags Phenomenon


The first Six Flags Over Texas amusement park opens in Arlington, Texas.

A park with an amazing assortment of rides, games and shows, designed with history themes, Six Flags was wildly successful. There were over 17 million visitors in its first decade.

I remember a beautiful 20 something “dance hall girl” in a sun dress flirting with and singing just to me…my sisters gave me a hard time about it. I think I was about four!

Do you know what the Six Flags which flew over Texas were?

4 thoughts on “The Six Flags Phenomenon

  1. The name “Six Flags Over Texas” refers to the flags of the six different nations that have governed Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America and the Confederate States of America.[8] Wynne originally intended to name the park “Texas Under Six Flags.” Various legends have attributed the name change to his wife Joann; a group called “The Daughters of The Texas Republic” — of which his wife may, or may not, have been a member; or his entertainment director, Charles Meeker, stating that, “Texas isn’t ‘under’ anything.”[9] The original park was divided into six separate themed areas for each of the six governing entities that have ruled over Texas. Although additional themed areas have been added, the original six can still be found within the park.

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