The Heidi Game

Today in History, November 17, 1968:

The Heidi Game.

The game had gone long and the New York Jets were defeating the Oakland Raiders 32-29.

It had been a hard fought contest with lots of injuries and delays. NBC executives tried to call their studios to delay the 7 PM airing of “Heidi”, but the phone lines were jammed by viewers afraid they would miss part of the game. As a result the game dropped in the Eastern time zone and Heidi began.

With only a minute left in the game (who knew), The Raiders scored twice, winning a surprise victory 43-32.

Broadcasters now have dedicated phone lines known as “Heidi phones” to ensure communication with their studios.

Movin’ on Up?

Today in History, November 17, 1800:

The Sixth US Congress meets for the first time in the new Capitol of Washington, D. C. Five days later President John Adams addressed them for the first time in DC. I know there were political shenanigans then also, but one has to wonder what those Senators and Congressmen would think of the behavior of those that have assumed their roles today.