Today in History, August 27: 1883 – After years of seismic activity, the volcano on Krakatoa Island concluded a series of eruptions culminating in the largest that occurred, blowing the island apart, leaving only 1/3 of it intact. The eruption, fallout and resulting Tsunamis killed over 36,000 (some estimates are up to 120,000) and changed the weather world wide for years. 

 The shock wave from the explosion circumnavigated the Earth 7 times; the sound of the explosion (believed to be the loudest in history) was heard on the Island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean 3,000 miles away. Imagine standing in your front yard in Orlando, Florida and hearing with your own ears an explosion in Portland, Oregon…it’s about the same distance. 

 The force of the blast is estimated to have been four times that of the most powerful nuclear bomb ever detonated.

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