King’s Mountain 

Today in History, October 7: 1780 – The Battle of King’s Mountain. During the American Revolutionary War, the British, along with “loyalist” militia, had been seeing success, including at the Battle of Waxhaws in May, where Col. Banastre Tarleton’s troops had massacred defeated “rebel” troops. At King’s Mountain, South Carolina a contingent of loyalist troops led by British regulars were caught by rebel (loyalist to us) militia made up of mountain men (including Davy Crockett’s father). In a pitched 65 minute battle, the Americans made repeated advances up the mountain, finally cornering their prey. When the loyalists attempted to surrender, the furious patriots shouted “Give ’em Banastre’s Quarter!!!” and continued firing until their Colonels were finally able to regain control of them. The biggest reason for the Patriot success? Tactics. They used cover and concealment in their attacks…common sense to us, but not in the days when soldiers were lined up and advanced in the open.

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